Snap, Crackle and Pop translated into other languages will most probably make your day

While we can't imagine the children of Belgium feeling particularly enamoured by a cereal box with the characters "Breuk! Knetteren! en Knal!", or those in Mexico by "Chasquido! Crepitar! y Taponazo!" we figure they might be more charmed by the likes of "Pif! Paf! en Pof!" or "Pim! Pum! y Pam!".

Indeed, the mascots of Rice Krispies are not given direct translations from the English "Snap! Crackle! and Pop!" but rather more general onomatopoeic alternatives, as publisher Paul Lang pointed out last week.

Here's the full list of translations, as gathered from Kellogg's HQ (opens in PDF):

Belgium - Pif! Paf! Pof!

Denmark - Pif! Paf! Puf!

Finland - Poks! Riks! Raks!

Germany - Knisper! Knasper! Knusper!

Netherlands - Pif! Paf! Pof!

Italy - Pif! Paf! Pof!

Norway - Piff! Paff! Puff!

Sweden - Piff! Paff! Puff!

Switzerland - Piff! Paff! Poff!

South Africa - Knap! Knaetter! Knak!

Canadian French - Cric! Crac! Croc!

Mexico - Pim! Pum! Pam!

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