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Sian David, a journalist at the Bristol Post, moved to England from Wales 19 months ago and since then she's been chronicling the inventive ways that Starbucks baristas spell her name.

You'd think that tweeting a picture of your Starbucks cup could only result in a certain amount of interest, but today the world went crazy for the ways that Starbucks has spelt Sian's name.

She told i100.co.uk:

It’s gone a lot crazier than I thought it would when the first reporter approached me. Some commentators are saying it’s stupid and pointless and that I should stop going to Starbucks if it bothers me that much. One person said Die! Die! Get in the sea!'

Luckily Sian isn't too bothered about being told to get in the sea, or even to die, adding:

That reaction is funny in its own way, really. It’s very easy to be a miserable grump on the internet. I don’t care what strangers think. There have been lots of lovely people too, with funny stories of their own, and all my friends think it’s hilarious that it’s gone this crazy.

Sian started posting the pictures because it made her laugh:

I care about pleasing the people I love and I care about being happy. That’s why I post the pictures in the first place, to amuse people. You can’t really care about the opinion of someone so miserable they object to a little bit of extra mirth in the world. Now whenever there's a funny example I take a picture and share it.

So does Starbucks ever manage to get it right? we asked Sian.

I go to the same one most days and a lot of the baristas know me, they’re so friendly. Some can spell my name and others can’t but it doesn’t matter either way, they’re all really lovely and smiley and they know exactly how I like my coffee. The misspellings happen at loads of different Starbucks but my regular place is usually pretty good.

For more pictures of woefully misspelt Starbucks cups, you can follow Sian on Twitter here.

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