This has to be the strangest Airbnb advert of all time

This has to be the strangest Airbnb advert of all time

They say the weirdest things go on behind closed doors.

So it’s no wonder that Airbnb has its fair share of strange now and again. But this might be one of the oddest adverts we've ever seen.

Twitter user acid pop shared the listing titled “Strange Uncle b&b, lonely trip room”.

Sound tempting? It doesn't stop there.

The four-bedroom apartment means you will “never feel lonely at the Strange Uncle”.

The kitchen is the heart of the Strange Uncle: here our guests can have breakfast, have a glass of wine or spend some time together.

Cooking won't be possible but sometimes the Strange Uncle will cook for you.

Is anyone else picturing something resembling a horror film in their heads right now? Terrifying.

It gets weirder:

Book the COLOR DANCING activity with Nadja. It's a mix of dancing and spreading paint everywhere in the dance room. Nadja invented this new activity and loves to colordance with her guests! Clothes protection, music and paint are provided.

The cost is 10 euros per person, good vibes guaranteed

Interestingly enough, the place has a 5 star rating based on 195 reviews. So maybe we're just over reacting.

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