The 10 most outlandish conspiracy theories on the internet

The 10 most outlandish conspiracy theories on the internet

Can you actually prove that any of them are untrue..?

1. Rocks are actually soft but tense up when you touch them

2. Militant atheists are using chemtrails to poison angels in heaven

3. Lightbulb companies have actually created a limitless bulb but haven't released it to the public so they can stay in business

4. The 'phantom time' hypothesis

This posits that the years AD 614 to 911 never actually took place. The Holy Roman Emperor, Otto II (above), Pope Sylvester II and the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII retrospectively altered the anno domini dating system because they wanted to rule in the year 1000.

5. Ronald Reagan was actually Satan because his full names - Ronald Wilson Reagan - have 6,6,6 letters

6. The German town of Bielefeld, population 327,000, doesn't actually exist

This originated in German chatrooms in the nineties and has achieved surprising traction - with even Angela Merkel commenting on it. The theory suggests that the town doesn't actually exist and is instead an illusion created by a mystical society known only as "Them". The reasoning the conspiracists generally use are "Do you know anybody from Bielefeld?", "Have you ever been to Bielefeld?" and "Do you know anybody who has ever been to Bielefeld?"

7. Bic stealth technology

Developers at Bic have created a special "stealth technology" which, according to one Redditor, is why you can never find your lighter or biro and have to buy more. "God damn you Bic," they note.

8. Donald Trump is a ringer

He's been put in place to make as many ridiculous remarks as possible to deflect criticism and attention away from the other Republican candidates who can fly under the radar and make a late push for the presidency. It would make a lot of sense.

9. Miley Cyrus is dead

She was purportedly killed by Disney executives and buried in the Californian desert. The person we all think is Miley is actually someone else who went through surgery to look like her.

And finally, our personal favourite...

10. Humpty Dumpty didn't actually fall. He was pushed

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