The 10 most pompous words used to describe wine

With Christmas season in full swing, marketing departments across the land are in overdrive in a bid to cash-in on the festive splurge.

Among the gift cards, turkey offers and literally anything that can be tenuously linked to Christmas, wine companies are also doing their best to flog their wares.

As such, an array of naff jargon terms ("vegetal", anyone?) are being used to make the wine sound as attractive as possible. However, wine delivery service Taste4 has compiled a list of the words that actually turn off shoppers the most.

A group of 2,000 wine drinkers across the UK were offered a list of words often seen on packaging and then asked if they would ever use that word to describe their drink, and here are the results (percentage of respondents who said yes):

1. Vegetal 2%

2. Hollow 2%

3. Herbaceous 2%

4. Unctuous 3%

5. Terroir 3%

6. Legs 5%

7. Quaffable 10%

8. Tart 10%

9. Nose 11%

10. Bouquet 21%

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