Mancan wine in a can is wine for men in a can and it's ridiculous

Mancan wine in a can is wine for men in a can and it's ridiculous

Hey men, don't you just love wine, but hate the stigma around drinking it from a glass and without a manly hey-bro-how-much-do-you-lift?-esque slogan stamped all across it?

Then you can count your unnecessarily gendered stars MANCAN (when written must contain all caps because ALL THE LADS) is here to save you the embarrassment of faffing around with a bottle and a glass.

That's right dude, at just $77 (around £50) per 24 pack you can drink wine from a can with a cool looking dog emblazoned on it.

Questions about the grape? Probably a fine cabernet brovignon or...

Or even...

And with a product description that reads:

Thought up by a guy who lives in an old firehouse, walks to work with his dog, has two bikes and a trike, and wanted to move beyond stemware. At MANCAN we believe wine is for drinking, not pouring, and our 'notes' are more rock than classical.

Crush one at the game, throw one in your back pocket on a camping trip, or pop one open at your favourite dive bar. Just do us a favour and don't talk about the 'aroma'.

Shut up and drink!

You'd be a fool not too... Or not.

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