The Daily Show exposes how absurd the Joe Rogan podcast can be ...

A TikTok video made by The Daily Show has perfectly nailed the absurdity of Joe Rogan’s podcast - in under two minutes.

In the clip, the text overlay reads, “Every Joe Rogan interview” and an actor proceeds to act out the part of two people featuring on the podcast.

With many interruptions of one another, they start talking about the character Gerald from Hey Arnold!

Guy 2 insists: “Gerald from Hey Arnold! is not black because he’s not African-American.”

Guy 1 chimes in agreeing: “Right, because-”

He’s again interrupted by Guy 2, who continues: “In the Hey Arnold universe there is no Africa. They never establish that there is an Africa.

Guy 1 responds: “Oh, interesting.”

Guy 2 goes on: “The city itself that Arnold and his friends live in is some weird combination of New York and Seattle. It’s not even a real city. If that city doesn’t exist, then there is no state it can be in.”

Without ever letting Guy 1 contribute to the conversation, the man, presumably meant to be Rogan, continues talking gibberish.

When Guy 1 is able to speak, he says you have to “do your own research”.

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He Googles is and finds an answer that contradicts what they were saying, at which point the faux Rogan blames it on Google.

He said: “Because Google knows who you are. You can’t do that. You have to use incognito mode.”

He uses incognito but gets the same results, at which point the argument changes to it being a problem with the laptop itself.

Guy 2, aka Rogan, says, “That laptop right now, you cannot trust it” as the conspiracies as to why he was wrong continue.

Judging by the reaction they appear to have accurately nailed the representation of a Rogan interview.

One person wrote: “My God this is good! Totally nails it.”

Someone else said: “Spot on lol I’m crying.”

Another person added: “This is Oscar worthy!!! LMFAO.”

The clip is particularly poignant as he was recently condemned for disinformation over Covid on his podcast and recently voiced his opinions on who should be considered “black”.

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