The moving photos of wounded veterans censors didn't want you to see

The moving photos of wounded veterans censors didn't want you to see

This week photographer Michael Stokes's very inspiring and very NSFW photos of injured veterans went hugely viral.

But he says we could have been seeing them a lot earlier if it weren't for Facebook. In an interview with, Stokes said his new coffee table book featuring wounded veterans, Always Loyal, "maybe could have happened a little bit earlier if it wasn’t for the Facebook censorship I’ve experienced".

My page has been shut down, I’ve been locked out of my Facebook page on numerous occasions by Facebook because I was posting my work. We have numerouspetitions going asking Facebook to change their reporting system.

Most recently Stokes was apparently banned for posting a photo of two fully-clothed male police officers who were about to kiss.

Stokes said images of Alex Minsky (above), the first wounded veteran he photographed, had been pulled from his page "numerous times".

We’re allowed to see angora rabbits stripped of their fur live, but we can’t see a man nude from the side.

Facebook has previously apologised to Stokes for mistakenly removing his pictures. You can see Facebook's community standards here.

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