The one thing truly missing from this Tory conference

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And no, we're not talking about George.

It's the infamous power stance, which made 2015 Tory MPs look like Bambi taking his first steps while someone repeatedly kicked him in the genitals.

They were all doing it...

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David Cameron...

Boris Johnson too...

Even Michael Gove...

It was all the rage among the Notting Hill set and company.

We don't know where they got it from...

...but it curiously seems to have fallen out of fashion.

There's now a podium, and it seems everyone is under strict instruction not to leave the safety of it.

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The theory of 'power posing' was posited in a 2010 paper (after Blackadder) by researchers at Columbia University and Harvard University. One of the study's authors has since distanced themselves from the theory, claiming it was all nonsense.

Which may explain the stance's exile from this year's conference.

Which is a damn shame - it was pretty funny stuff.

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