The REAL baked Alaska scandal that happened this week

The REAL baked Alaska scandal that happened this week

Newspaper front pages, the world of social media and living rooms across the land have been embroiled in angered debate this week - 'Baked Alaska' has been HUGE news.

Although sumptuous macaroons, melt-in-the-mouth stromboli and cupcakes smothered in chocolate may be standard fare on the BBC's hit show Great British Bake Off, the popularity of pastry-based treats may well be gaining in popularity in Alaska soon too - as the state considers whether or not to legalise cannabis.

So while grown men and women in Britain seem to be positivelylosingtheirminds, the BBC receives 556 actual written complaints and The Sun splashes their front page with a story about a television game show...

... The anti-drugs lobby in the USA is trying its darndest to make sure Alaska doesn't legalise cannabis - preventing a 'Baked Alaska' problem of their own:

A group of mayors from across the Last Frontier state has come out in force to voice their opposition of the bill this week before voters go to the polls in November.

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