Picture: @yungpripri/Twitter
Picture: @yungpripri/Twitter

Because that's what the cinema is really missing. Seeded fruit.

Sneaking food into the cinema is sometimes the only option given to you by certain extortionate chains. Anyone who has been charged £11 for a ticket and then been slapped around the face for an £8 'deal' that was only a drink and large bag of minstrels, will testify to this.

Priscilla Banuelos, Angelena Silveira, and Alyssa Lopez from California came up with their own genius way of smuggling treats into the movie theatre.

On Wednesday they strapped watermelons to their stomachs and pretended they were pregnant teens (they're all 18, so it was all legal whatever they and Mr Watermelon had been doing to get pregnant.)

A post of how they managed to pull off the con has been shared almost 24,000 times.

The operation broke a lot of cinema etiquette violations, mainly taking photos in the screening room, and eating noisy, slurptastic, watermelons. But you have to give it to them for creative problem solving.

Speaking to Mashable, Banuelos said that although they pulled it off, they got some comments from other customers for appearing to be young pregnant women.

You could tell people were pretty judgmental because we were such a young group and we were getting a lot of stares from people in the lobby.


As successful as the scheme was, now it's been shared online, they probably won't get away with it again.

indy100 pities the squeaky voiced teen multiplex employee who will now be expected to pat down indignant pregnant women to check they're not packing Vitamin C.

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