Picture: Mario Tama/Getty
Picture: Mario Tama/Getty

With too much power, comes absolutely no responsibility.

When Delta Airlines rolled out a new customer feedback program called Delta Pulse, allowing customers to write reviews about their flight experience in real time, the comments quickly spiraled out of control.

Because of course they would.

People quickly began to make disparaging comments about the flight attendants, insulting their weight and their appearance, and packaging their abuse as 'reviews.'

Some of the 'reviews,' which flight attendants subsequently posted on social media, were:

You have too many old, worn out and overweight flight attendants on this flight. There are also a few who are clearly “alternative lifestyle”. It sure makes flying Delta less enjoyable.

I f--ing hate this airline and your s–tty flight attendants especially the ugly ones on my flight today.

It gets worse...

The aisles are too narrow on your planes and my elbows kept getting bumped by the pudgy flight attendant who couldn’t control the movement of her ass.

I think the red dresses worn by your flight attendants look horrible. They are skin-tight and completely unflattering.

The flight attendants on this flight were fabulous. What a nice change to have young, fresh, exciting crew on board instead of the old washed up ladies who are bitter and there just to get their money before they retire.

Ugliest flight attendant I’ve ever had but she was sweet.

Catherine Sirna, a spokesperson for Delta Airlines, told indy100:

Having insight into what our customers say about their travel experience helps us continuously evolve our business, provide the best customer experience and invest in future services. Real-time feedback rolling in across more than 340 destinations puts the power and knowledge in our employees' hands to be able to act on and deliver an innovative and exceptional experience.

But Delta employees are being subjected to abuse, surely the service should be removed until it can be properly moderated? The airline said in a statement:

Providing valuable, constructive feedback to our flight attendants is our top priority and knowing this is a brand new survey system, we will continue to improve our filters to ensure they receive appropriate customer comments."

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