This lunch-stealing colleague got burned by an amazing trick

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Stealing a co-workers lunch is not acceptable. Label or no label, if you didn't bring it in, you shouldn't eat it - 'nuff said.

So how do you combat the awful humans that decide to take a surreptitious bite, convinced that noone will notice?

People always notice, they made the lunch,and they can be very vindictive as this Reddit user, the aptly-named Toastedchillies, claims:

I’m a bit of a chilli head. Love my hot sauces. I also love to cook. I also cook my wife a delicious lunch each day, She kept complaining that someone was stealing her lunch every couple of days out of the fridge at work. So I made her some buffalo wings for lunch to put in the fridge.

Buffalo wings (or chicken wings to the un-American) are usually pretty damn yummy, so this guy clearly has his punishment coming to him.

Clever antagonist development from our narrator.

They are really popular with her colleagues, but I spiced them up just a little with some Blair’s 4am Reserve. (I note you are meant to dilute it with 1 drop per 5 litres of liquid.)

Our hero added a couple of drops of the reserve per wing, also with a dusting of ghost chilli powder.

For reference, Blair’s 4am Reserve ranks, depending on your source, between four and 16 million scoville units of spiciness, nearly seven-and-a-half-thousand times spicier than Tabasco in some instances.

Meanwhile ghost chillies just keep getting hotter for around five minutes. It's a potent concoction, which he tested to ensure that the victim would not be burned too much.

We now rejoin the tale at the office:

Needless to say just before lunch, there was a shrill from the kitchen, a young male colleague decided to help himself the my wife’s lunch which was clearly marked with her name. He ran to the toilet and vomited over and over.

Apparently the moans sounded like he was dying. My wife just sat there innocently pretending nothing was wrong. Needless to say she has not lost a single lunch since.

The guilty colleague was apparently a subordinate of the poster's wife, and toastedchillies has described the aftermath:

If true, it's a simply colossal takedown.

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