This newspaper had two spectacular headline fails in one day

The picture and quote format is long established in newspaper journalism for headlines. However, the Western Morning News may have made a slight error when composing the front page of their latest edition.

Oh dear.

The Prince of Wales was actually speaking about affordable housing in the Duchy of Cornwall, in an exclusive interview with the paper. However, this has not stopped Twitter users having their fun.

Then there was the one golden tweet that surgically cut to the core of the issue.

Meanwhile, another headline from the Western Morning News today also drew the online eye:

However, this one is accurate. Yes, really.

The WMN reports that a man appeared at Torquay Magistrates' Court on Monday, June 22 and was charged with attempting to rob a woman of money of a value unknown from her private parts earlier in the month.

Given this, who knows: maybe the WMN does have proof that Prince Charles will be the doom of us all?

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