Angry parents are going after TikToker who sparked debate over child-free flights

Angry parents are going after TikToker who sparked debate over child-free flights
Unusual baby! Cries when he is given a phone and is calm …

Should childless flights be a thing? One TikToker might vouch for them after spending 29 excruciating hours on a long-haul flight listening to the sweet sound of children screaming.

Henry Beasley shared the now-viral clip to the platform under his band's TikTok handle, @balubrigada.

"Rate my 29-hour flight to Berlin," he wrote as the on-screen caption.

While Beasley was less than impressed, his reactions had viewers in hysterics, as he sarcastically praised the child's "great projection" before commenting on their "stellar performance" and "incredible stamina" a "10/10."

The clip has since racked up over 12.6 million views, along with 32,000 comments debating whether there should be flights exclusive to adults. Many empathised with Beasley, with one candidly saying, "they shouldn't let kids on flights longer than 4 hours."

Another remarked: "Honestly, there should be kid-free flights and kid flights."

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Hey babe, how was your flight?

The comments certainly rubbed some parents up the wrong way, with several hitting back with their very own clips.

"I know it sucks when there's a screaming baby on a plane, but I promise you that no one is more miserable than the parent of that child right now, because they're the ones who are having so much anxiety and stress that they can't calm their baby down," said one user.

Meanwhile another added: "There are so many people in this comments section who are saying they would pay extra for kids-free flights, and please, pay extra for kids-free flights. Make the flights with the kids cheaper and just only allow parents with kids so we can all help each other."

She said: "We can all just have a compassionate, kind, loving flight, without people who are judgmental and horrible toward these tiny human beings who have a right to public transportation."

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