TikTok creator roasts sexist date who said women ‘need to know their role’ and ‘Covid isn’t real’

TikTok creator roasts sexist date who said women ‘need to know their role’ and ‘Covid isn’t real’

Unfortunately, there are some people on the dating scene who like to think we’re still in the dark ages when it comes to respecting other people. Fortunately, there’s people on TikTok to put these types of people in their place.

After user Haley Hyde went on a first date with a man saved to her phone as ‘Trace’, the individual texted her a rather unflattering morning message.

“Morning dork. Feel better so I can kiss you later,” he wrote.

Hyde replied: “This isn’t going to work out.”

When the man asked why, the influencer accused him of being “super misogynistic” – a word he didn’t seem to know the meaning of.

“Didn’t u say ur biggest pet peeve was ignorant ppl? Look it up,” Hyde continued.


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He responded: “I would if I cared. You use big words for being a barista.”

According to Hyde, ‘Trace’ told her on the date that his first first date (that makes sense in our heads) “didn’t work out” because he called the girl an “air head”.

We wonder why…

In another video, it appears as though ‘Trace’ is an anti-masker, as she claimed he told her that “Covid isn’t real” on the date.

Responding to his ‘barista’ remark, she wrote: “U can’t expect to get anywhere [with] a girl if ur going to talk down to them and tell them ur sending them to cooking school.”

Things soon turned sour after Hyde wished him well on his “third first date”, only for him to say that he wasn’t the one “missing out” and that he hoped the next date “looks as good as the pics and has a personality”.

Apparently, he went on to add, he doesn’t have “tiny man syndrome” because “I know my worth”.

“Women do need to know their role though,” he said.

And Hyde’s last message to him, shown in the video, summed things up well: “Ur a sexist piece of s**t dude. No self-respecting woman is gonna wanna be [with] u. Hence why ur 24, single, and can’t get past first dates.

“This isn’t the 1800s, women know their [sic] worth, and know that there are men out there that won’t treat them as a piece of f**king property. The way u talk is disgusting, and u can’t handle rejection. It’s sad.”

Well said, and commenters agreed.

“Let me guess, he blames women for being miserable and always rejecting him because ‘they don’t give him a chance’,” said one.

Another user suggested some payback: “Sis don’t be scared, drop his social media so all the girls can waste his money on dates and then drop him LMAO.”

“When he said ‘wanna keep going’ I would’ve responded with ‘nah I’ve already lasted longer than you ever have’,” added a third.

Yet, it didn’t end with that initial TikTok, as Hyde revealed in a follow-up post that ‘Trace’ sent further text messages reminding her that she “sent me your address”.

“Are you threatening me?” she asked.

‘Trace’ replied: “No but you wanna have your friends act badass, just know you live on public property and I can hangout [sic] there all day.”

It should hopefully go without saying that she warned him she would call the police if he decided to do that.

Meanwhile, as her story got more press attention, someone suggested that she put a news article in her Tinder profile to remind others that Trace’s language doesn’t exactly scream 2021.

“This is a terrible idea,” she replied. “Should I do it?”

Yes, Haley. Yes you should.

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