Top Gun's Miles Teller becomes TikTok thirst obsession after topless dance

Miles Teller thought he was going to die filming Top Gun: Maverick

The highly anticipated sequel to Top Gun - Top Gun: Maverick - has opened the eyes of Gen Z to their new favorite celebrity: Miles Teller.

Teller, 35, stars alongside Tom Cruise in the new Top Gun movie as a pilot in training and mentee to Cruise, 59. But whatever success Teller's character accomplishes is being overshadowed by his looks.

On TikTok, thousands of users have posted photos or videos of themselves watching the movie and thirsting over Teller.

Using the song Take My Breath Away , hundreds of users have filmed themselves watching the actor in awe.

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Specifically, one scene where Teller's character has no shirt on and does a little dance has people enamored.

While some are discovering their newfound love for Teller, others have shared how in love they have been with the Top Gun: Maverick actor since he was in The Spectacular Now , the Divergent series, or Footloose .


#milesteller just hits different #fyp #topgunmode


1000/10 movie #milesteller #maverick #topgun #pilot

Even Teller's wife, Keleigh Sperry-Teller got in on action by posting a video of her and her husband on vacation, allowing fans to see a sneak peak to his personality in real life.

Commenters jokingly accused Sperry-Teller of putting the thirsty fans in their place.

"she said “make your little tictoks, bc i’ve got the ring," a commenter wrote.

"She said “in case y’all forgot” PLSSS LMAO," another added.

But Sperry-Teller set things straight by posting another video with the caption, "We’re all team rooster here, thirst on.."


We’re all team rooster here, thirst on..💌💅🏼

Last year, Teller and his wife were featured in Taylor Swift's I Bet You Think About Me music video.

With Sperry-Teller's blessing, TikTokers are continuing to peacefully dream about Teller. Even some men have been inspired by Teller to shave their face to match the mustache he has in Top Gun: Maverick.


God Bless America 🥲#topgunmode #milesteller #mustache

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