Woman gets up at 5.30am to make insane packed lunches for lucky boyfriend

<p>The dedicated girlfriend has become a viral hit on TikTok</p>

The dedicated girlfriend has become a viral hit on TikTok


A TikTok user has been hailed as the “best girlfriend ever” after revealing the lengths she goes to keep her partner well fed.

Legacy-Shay Ruhe wakes up at around 5.30am every day to create elaborate packed meals for “her man” – whipping up everything from homemade sushi to McDonald’s recreations.

The New Zealander explained that her fella works long hours as a trader so needs “snacks, snacks and more snacks to keep him going.”

Her clips show that she always packs him breakfast, a lunch, a big snack and drinks to ensure he is fuelled throughout the day.

The mouth-watering treats include mini pancakes, a Donburri bowl with Teriyaki fried chicken, dumplings with dipping sauces, bao buns with “sticky char siu pork”, and bacon and egg McMuffins – all homemade.

Probed on how she finds the time to make such sumptuous feasts, Ruhe told fellow TikTokers: “I go to work as well. I usually get up around 5.30am to 6am depending on how much I've prepped the night before or not."

She added: “[Sometimes he] doesn't eat it all, and some days he does. [It] depends how hungry he is."

TikTokers have shared their envy at the assorted dishes enjoyed by the lucky manmunchieswithlegz/TikTok

Her meal prep videos have racked up thousands of views from awe-inspired fans, with some asking: “Where do I get a girlfriend like this?” or even asking Ruhe to marry them.

One tried to work out the couple’s relationship dynamic, saying: “Either he makes all the money or you guys are fresh in a relationship.”

But Ruhe replied good-humouredly: “Great assumptions but wrong. I make it because it’s how I show my love. Food’s the way to a person’s heart.”

A number of users imagined the jealous gazes of the boyfriend’s coworkers, while others said her dedication had offered them food for thought.

“This is a reminder that I need to do more for my partner than just expect him to buy his own lunch,” one user commented.

Meanwhile another laughed: “I used to make nice as f*** meals like this but my partner would never bring the containers home so I don’t make him anything anymore.”

All we know is, we need to up our own lunch game ASAP...

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