Ever wondered where your canine companion is put during a flight? Well now, one TikToker has taken to the platform to reveal all.

An employee at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), @djsugue, turned to TikTok to answer the burning questions from fellow users and passengers.

One curious user asked him to show where animals are “stored” aboard a plane after explaining how they plan to fly with their furry friend but reluctant to do so. The clip, which has since racked a staggering 6.7 million views, shows a dog in its cage in the hold compartment, seemingly strapped up, ready to take the air.

Another shot shows a space with passengers’ luggage, which prompted an influx of polarised views.


Reply to @avani.raval dogs 🐶 in the plane✈️ compartments #fyp #foryou #airport #aviation #arrival #flight #rampagent #737max #baggage

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One passionate user said they could never do this to their dog, “I’d be crying and throwing up the entire plane ride, knowing how lonely and scared he is,” they added.

Another joked that they’d “rather put one of [their] siblings” in the hold compartment instead of their pet. While another would be happy to give up their seat for their dog and take their space in the hold.

Ramp agents themselves stepped in to confirm that “pets are always well looked after.”

“Not y’all trying to cancel this... We love your pets and always make sure they’re safe and okay,” one airline worker said.

Another added, “Hi, ramp agent here. This is front of the jet. It is pressurized, heated and the lights stay on. Ramp crew love your pets and make sure that they are safe.”

While there are a handful of pet-friendly airlines that operate from the UK (British Airways, Emirates and Qantas), most will only allow dogs to travel in the hold. Other airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet and Jet2) refuse dogs completely unless they are service dogs.

Lufthansa and KLM, however, allow pet owners to take dogs, up to 8kg (around the size of a pug), on as a carry-on. TUI also allow carry-on dogs, but they mustn’t exceed 6kg.

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