Viral TikTok claims Juliet’s statue in Italy is 'sexually harassed' so often her dress has faded

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A viral TikTok has sparked a furious debate after claims that people are "sexually harassing" a statue in Italy.

Juliet's statue in Verona is based on Shakespeare's titular character from Romeo and Juliet, and the clip claims that people have been travelling far and wide to caress her breast.

In the clip that garnered over 1.3 million views, TikTok user @acaciasoren explained, "Juliet's statue has been (sexually) harassed so often that her dress literally faded."

The video shows a woman cupping the statue's breast with one hand and taking a snap on her phone in the other.

Built in 1972, Juliet's breast is said to bring good fortune in love, according to local myth. Thousands of touches eventually damaged parts of the statue with cracks and a broken arm in 2014 due to the handling.

People flooded the comments with divided opinions on the tradition's ethics and message.


#justiceforjuliet 😭

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Juliet is 13-years-old in the famed Shakespeare play, which stirred up quite the storm amongst fellow TikTok users.

"Sooo was the part of Romeo and Juliet being teens missed in school or," one said, while another added: "She was…. literally like 13!!! WE ALL KNEW THIS."

Another asked, "why do the guys not understand we know it's a fictional character?" They added: "Why is everyone's first instinct to touch the tit of a statue that's supposed to be."

Other users didn't see the issue of the local tradition and advised people to stop worrying about a statue.

"It’s supposed to give you luck and love why are yall so mad," one quizzed, while another slammed the comments and told people to focus their attention on helping "actual" victims of assault, "not a statue."

"They're touching her heart for good luck. This take is so chronically online," one user added.

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