Internet trend has people searching for the photo NASA took on day they were born

Internet trend has people searching for the photo NASA took on day they were born
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A TikTok trend is encouraging people to find out what photo NASA took the day you were born and the results are interesting.

Through NASA's Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD) portal, users can see what photo NASA was promoting on the exact day they were born. Although the photos only archive begins with June of 1995. So, if you're born before that you're out of luck.

Every day NASA promotes a photo related to space to educate people about the wonders of the galaxy. Sometimes the photo is of space, other times it's a diagram, or explanation of a concept.

But the extreme variation in photos makes the trend all the better.

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Some people get incredible photos of the galaxy bursting with bright colors and dazzling stars, like TikToker @hannabahng who discovered her birthday photo is a comet soaring across the sky.


comet ..

Others get strange non-sensical photos meant to describe how a space theory works like TikToker @hairytoecracks who discovered her photo is a person holding a kitchen ladle strainer over a sweatshirt to demonstrate light appearing through holes.


When will I get to be happy #nasabirthday

For people who find their birthday photo is not quite as beautiful as the space photo they hoped for, there is another option. NASA also lets users see what the Hubble telescope saw the day they were born.

It does feel slightly less special than the APOD photos because they do not have photos for the exact year you were born, just the day and month. But it's still interesting to see what Hubble saw on your birthday.

You can see what other TikTok users discovered by searching #NasaBirthday.

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