TikTok outraged after man reveals friend asked him to transfer 34p for the ‘few fries’ he ate off his plate

<p>TikToker Peter shares the awkward exchange in the background for people to read </p>

TikToker Peter shares the awkward exchange in the background for people to read


A man has shared his shock after apparently receiving a text from a friend requesting that he transfer 34p (47 cents) to him for some fries he had from his friend’s plate.

TikToker Peter (@peterpribylpierdinock) shared the conversation between him and his friend, named only as Alex.

Alex wrote: “Hey!! I’m dividing up the dinner bill (right now). You had some of my fries right??? Lol.”

Then Peter replied: “Haha I think I had a couple, why.”

“Ok cool no worries lmao I’ll just (add) like 47 cents to your Venmo charge? If that’s cool,” Alex requested.

Venmo is a social payments service, which is popular in the US.

Alex then went on to break down the total amount that Peter owed him. He wrote: “So $23.83 total!!! Ur meal + tip + part of my meal that you ate.”

Peter didn’t seem too impressed with the request and wrote in the video caption: “Friends of friends get wayyy too bold with Venmo charges.”

The TikTok received more than 6.6m views, with more than 860,000 likes and tens of thousands of comments from people who agreed that Alex’s request to Peter was a petty move. You can watch the TikTok video in full here.

One person said: “Charge Alex 3 cents for using your data for that message.”

“47 cents is not a bad price to find out what a bad friend Alex is!” Another person wrote.

Someone else commented: “Venmo be ruining friendships before they even start.”

“You can’t ask for anything under £5 back, everyone knows the rule,” a fourth person replied.

The TikToker later detailed underneath one of the comments that he had “maybe 3 fries” but that was only “AFTER they offered.”

Another person detailed a similar experience with her friend, writing: “I’ve had a close friend do this to me because I ate the two slices of bacon she didn’t want...”

Well, one thing’s for sure – Peter definitely won’t eat anything from Alex’s plate again...

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