Man who claims he is a time traveller from the year 6491 'passes lie detector test'

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A man who claims to be a time traveller from the year 6491 has apparently passed a lie detector test with flying colours.

James Oliver (that's James and no, not that guy who hates Turkey Twizzlers) agreed to answer a series of questions posted by paranormal YouTube channel ApexTV.

Oliver, who seems to speak in a Birmingham accent, claims his time machine has broken down and he is stuck in 2018 as a result.

When asked where his time machine is, Oliver says: "I can't tell you that." Convenient, eh?

He says he is not even from Earth - though he appears human and speaks in impeccable English. His planet is further from the sun, meaning his years "are different". He added:

But we have very gifted mathematicians working day and night… to calculate the relationship between our years and the years of the various different planets and civilisations that we research. After those calculations are complete, I’m from your year 6491.

He warns that global warming will threaten our future, explaining that Earth is going to become "warmer and warmer".

To combat the coming crisis, Oliver recommends that America gets back into the Paris treaty to reduce carbon emissions. Mr Trump, are you listening?

He also said that he has met aliens:

The definition of alien is something out of this world, so technically, I am meeting one right now.

I have personal relationships with a few of them, I have friends I’d consider aliens. They are a nice lot, they are. Don’t be quick to judge foreign species.

I have some who are quite good friends. My closest friend is from another galaxy.

Sadly, he cannot disclose who any future US presidents will be or further details as that would create "too big of a ripple".

He was telling the truth in every single question - according to the alleged lie detector test, anyway.

There are some doubts. Well, lots of doubts. Well, overwhelming evidence that this is almost definitely not true.

Reason has stomped in once again to do what it does best: find the truth and ruin all the fun.

The identities of both the interviewer and the 'time traveller' are blurred, and Oliver's voice is distorted. The video also features some bizarre editing and dubbing.

These low production values and lack of evidence are being called out in the YouTube comments. One person wrote:

When you do a lie detector, don't give us just a flashing "true/false" but show us the actual data on the screen from the lie detector.

Another theorised:

I think that Apex TV came up with this idea to bring some attention to their channel.

However, the video also has fervent defenders. One person wrote:

Whats up apex... The time travlers like you man...... Maybe apex tv is going to be the big time keep it up

Another added:

Yes i believe it's true he is a time traveler everything came true

You can watch the exchange here:

What do you think?

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