Conspiracy theorists have spotted something 'wrong' in this footage of a moon landing

NASA screengrab

There are few conspiracy theories more enduring than the ones about the moon – did we really land on it? Did the astronauts see aliens? Does the moon actually exist?

Well, a new one has been added to the mix.

The YouTube Channel UFOMania recently released a video featuring footage from the Apollo 16 moon landing in 1972.

They believe that they spotted some kind of ‘Lunar Base’ in the background, or buildings.

Astronaut John Young can be seen in the original footage collecting lunar samples to send back to Earth.

The robot-sounding voiceover says that the lumps on the surface was yet new “evidence as to what’s on the moon”.

And then, they show a montage of the still photographs from the video, zooming in on the shapes that appear to be blurry images of buildings.

The video has been viewed almost 50,000 times, and some people in the comment’s section took the opportunity to rehash the old conspiracy line:

Most of the moon landing pictures were taken in remotes parts of the earth, there was no moon landing, come on!

However people were mostly of this sentiment:

That's a rock.

The European Space Agency recently revealed images of what permanent structures on the moon could look like, in the future.

But thus far, the moon is bereft of buildings.

Sorry, conspiracy theorists.

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