Tinder deleted everyone's matches and some people had a complete meltdown

People all around the world suffered a collective panic attack brought about by Tinder, which crashed on Monday and resulted in the disappearance of all swiped-right matches.

Users flocked to Twitter, and their reactions ranged from mild anxiety to complete hysteria.

Let the chaos commence.

The end is nigh… time to grab that survival pack, the apocalypse is here…

This serial swiper has hundreds of matches, all lost...

Tinder’s technical issues had this user questioning the meaning of her hands…

At the same time she realised she may just have an addiction…

Tinder called it a "technical difficulty" and it didn't say why, but user's matches were quickly restored.

Still, for a brief moment, the 50 million users had a brief window of opportunity to engage in an actual face-to-face conversation. You know, with awkward eye contact and uncomfortable sweating.

Because seriously, 780 matches? What are you doing, hoarding for winter?

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