This toad kept hanging out outside this man's house, so he made lots of hats for it


Millinery is the art of making hats.

We're not sure what the word for doing so for toads is though.

Regardless, 43 year old Chris Newsome, a Director of Web Services for a university, was repeatedly visited by a toad on his porch in Alabama.

The toad, a Fowler's Toad, seemed happy to oblige the impromptu runway show he devised:

I decided to enter the world of toad millinery and help the little guy out. Foam paper seemed like a toad friendly material.

The hats included a Texan hat, a top hat, a baseball cap, and a "pimp hat".

He explained in the comments:

To explain how this started... I had made the pics for a friend's little boy that lost his frog. I sent the hats to him afterwards.

It was a very well-behaved Toad:

You can view the post in the gallery, below:

Chris told Bored Panda:

The longest I spent on each hat may have been 10 minutes.

Which is gratifying.

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