Video of woman serving ‘toilet ice-cream’ to guests has appalled the internet

Breanna Robinson
Friday 23 April 2021 20:55
(Photo courtesy of The Anna Show/Facebook)

We see some gross stuff here at Indy100 but this one takes the cake.

Look, we love a dessert as much as the next person, but we’re confident in saying we’d politely decline a taste of this one.

A new viral tweet shows a couple filling a toilet bowl with ice, candy, and ice-cream in the toilet.

The toilet tank cover is lifted, and in goes Sour Patch Kids, Airheads bites, fruit punch, and Sprite.

All of this sounds like a sweet lover's dream - if only it wasn’t in the toilet.

When she finally flushes, the soda begins to submerge the candy and ice cream into a nightmarish bathroom sundae, which is then scooped into glasses, apparently for guests waiting outside.

Toilet ice cream floats

(Photo courtesy of The Anna Show)

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Here’s what social media had to say about the video:

Even Lil Nas X got in on the action, saying, “y’all can’t sit here and pretend y’all wouldn’t take a sip,” he said.

It’s unclear if she or anyone else at the function actually ate the toilet dessert or just trolling for a laugh. The one thing that’s for sure— if you have to use the bathroom, don’t use this toilet.

According to Ryan Broderick of Garbage Day, the video was created by Taylor Watson, a musician who is seemingly a part of a Facebook prank video content network for The Adley Show,  created by Grammy-winner Adley Stump. The show is short-form reality  “television” content but for the internet. The Facebook page has almost five million followers.

The full-length video is three minutes and seven seconds long and is captioned: “DIY punch trick...great for parties!”

Commenters on the video on Facebook were equally appalled.

“This killed me cuz the two of them didn’t bother to drink any themselves and served it up to their unsuspecting friends with a smile. We would NOT be friends after this at all!!!!! Nope!!! I feel a restraining order coming and a lawsuit for damages,” said one commenter.

Another commenter even decided to give the video a new name. “On this episode of First 48 : “A Fruity Flush.”

The Anna Show also created a video of Watson gorilla gluing AirPods to a young woman’s braided hair, getting her hair washed in the toilet, and many other viral moments.