See the Tories sing a very NSFW song about themselves in new Cassetteboy mashup

Boris Johnson's 'partygate' scandal gets an explicit Cassetteboy RATM remix

After what has been an extraordinarily bad year for the Conservative party, a new video by Cassetteboy has created the mashup video called “F**k the Tories” that sums up what we’re all thinking.

In 2022, the Conservative government put the British public through three different Prime Ministers.

The year of chaos has been perfectly summarised in the mashup video that explains where it all went wrong, going back to David Cameron’s decision to call a referendum on whether or not to leave the European Union, resulting in Brexit.

The video cuts together snippets of speeches made by various Tories to create some pretty hilarious and NSFW lyrics about Brexit, the pandemic and various lies spouted.

The song begins with snippets of Rishi Sunak pasted together to say: “After 12 years of Tories, the country’s had enough.”

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It’s then the turn of former PM Cameron, who said: “It starts with me, David C. The bringer of austerity. Thousands died, we caused such pain, now we’re doing it again.

“Because I’m such a frightful numpty, I put party before country. Asked the people ‘leave or stay’, s**t the bad and ran away.”

Next up was Theresa May, followed by Boris Johnson, who said: “My deal was ready for the oven, another lie told by the dozen. You may think Brexit’s failed but then it got me into Number 10”.

Johnson was followed by Liz Truss and Sunak, before ending with the repeated phrase of “f**k the Tories”.

This year’s Christmas number one, perhaps?

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