Someone has re-imagined Tory leadership hopefuls as over-the-counter drugs
Leon Neal/Getty Images/Twitter

Ever since Theresa May’s resignation, Tory leadership hopefuls have almost been lining up to announce using illegal drugs in the past, such as cocaine, opium and cannabis.

This is despite representing a political party that in recent decades has championed a moralising and punitive approach to drug use - which experts say has fuelled criminal violence and ruined countless lives via incarceration and the blocking of life-saving measures like drug consumption rooms.

Inspired perhaps by the drugs revelations that have dominated headlines recently, architect Shera Marley-Threepwood has re-imagined Conservative Party candidates as over-the-counter medicines.

Here it is in all its glory, opening with the inspired choice of Michael Gove looking suspiciously worried on a morning jog.

Followed by Esther "take a Nurofen and get back to work" McVey (funnily enough, not a real quote) and Andrea Leadsom as Calpol, well, just because.

Next up, the two men tied in first place for public opinion, according to a new Opinium poll - Rory "Panadol" Stewart and Boris "cystitis cream" Johnson.

Followed by the current Home Secretary.

And the former Health Secretary who wants the abortion limit halved.

Twitter users were quick to share their appreciation.

People had some suggestions of their own.

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