Tripadvisor review said barman had no personality so pub turned it into hilarious advert

<p>The Anglers Rest are being praised for the way they handled the one-star Tripadvisor review</p>

The Anglers Rest are being praised for the way they handled the one-star Tripadvisor review

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An Irish pub in the town of Ballyconnell has gone viral after they turned a terrible Tripadvisor review into a genius chalkboard advert.

The one-star review titled, ‘Pathetic Service’, called out the pub for being ‘mediocre’ before describing the waiters who “appeared to be brothers” as “two young fellas who had absolutely no personality”.

“Pity as we would have been in this place regularly and recently it is going downhill. Will be a while before we are back due to the personality of two male staff and pathetic staff,” the dissatisfied customers added.

Instead of being bitter, Anglers Rest, used the review as inspiration for their new outdoor advertisement in a genius move. It mocked the review and read: “Come in and meet the ‘two young fellas who had absolutely no personality who seemed to be brothers’”

“Note: We are brothers”, the pair added.

Speaking to Indy100, they said:

“Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and it’s up to us to rectify the issue and hope the customers leaves having had a good experience. Sadly, we didn’t accomplish that with Jane M...

Joe and myself (Seán) luckily don’t take ourselves too seriously so we could see the funny side of the comment on our personalities.”

From frequent pub regulars to tourists far and wide, people flocked to Facebook to admire how the pub took the review in good humour.

One complimented the brothers and said the pair ‘made the place’: “Personally I think the ‘two brothers’ are the fellas who make the place! Always lovely customer service from you both, along with great food and a lovely atmosphere.”

Another highlighted the great service, “Will always be my favourite spot to dine, nowhere beats it and staff have always went above and beyond, I will be back.”

“Hope to be meeting them two brothers with no personality on the 27th Aug, told you you should have got the tattoo”, one added.

In fewer words, another Facebook user commented: “That’s the correct way to deal with t**ts like that. Brilliant”

Let’s toast to that!

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