Trump Jr posts bizarre doctored clip of president beating up Biden, Obama and Harris

Donald Trump Jr shared a bizarre video of Trump, Pence and Giuliani beating up prominent Democrat officials.

In the clip, the faces of Biden, Harris, Obama, Clinton and Pelosi are superimposed over the faces of actors in Robert De Niro’s A Bronx Tale.

As in the film, they’re then attacked – but by senior Trump administration officials rather than by the Mafia.

Trump Jr captioned the video “now youse can’t leave!!! Great remake from A Bronx Tale”.

It was initially posed by actor and martial artist Chuck Zito, who has also posted a video of Trump as Jackie Chan, fending off Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

Trump Jr frequently posts pictures and videos like this. He calls himself a “General in the Meme Wars”...

Ironically, De Niro, who directed and starred in A Bronx Tale is a staunch Democrat and outspoken critic of Trump.

Among his many pithy takedowns, he said of Trump:

We kind of have a weird, twisted president who thinks he’s a gangster, who’s not even a good gangster. Even gangsters have honour among thieves.

The video racked up over a million views, but not everyone’s a fan.

One person commented “can you imagine if Obama’s kids posted the kind of childish nonsense Donny Jr does?”.

Another added “is that seriously what you guys think of yourselves and your candidates? Biden already won, losers”.

It is hard to see the relevance of the Republicans beating the Democrats in light of the recent presidential election.

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