What's the one picture that you think of when you hear the name Donald Trump?

Perhaps it's his yelling at the small boy mowing the White House lawn? How about that weird picture of him holding an orb in Saudi Arabia? Or maybe it's that disturbing picture of his orange face?

All of those are good examples but we believe that the best picture, that sums up his entire presidency was taken this week as he held a roundtable meeting with Hispanic leaders in the White House on Thursday.

The picture was taken by freelance photographer Samuel Corum and features nothing but Trump sitting in front of a wall light in the White House. However, the light in the White House make Trump look like, well...take a look for yourself.

After the image was shared by Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis, it became a viral hit with people adding that the image is so perfect because it can be seen in more than one way.

To counterbalance, here is a photo of Barack Obama which is almost too good to be true.

Regardless of your thoughts on Trump, he has at least done something good in the past 24 hours by wearing a mask in public for the first time, despite hundreds of thousands of people already dying from coronavirus in the US alone.

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