Twitch star Trainwreck wins $1.5m on long-shot World Cup bet

Twitch star Trainwreck wins $1.5m on long-shot World Cup bet
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Popular Twitch streamer Trainwreck - who has been involved with high-stakes wage gambling content - got involved in the football action, earning himself $1.5m in a bet on World Cup 2022 games.

Joining Twitch in 2014, the 31-year-old would stream regular gaming content and in-real-life vlog streams.

But what seemed to make him become one of the platform’s biggest streamers was his reputation for enormous money wagers, which saw him experience incredible wins and devastating losses in the process.

Although Trainwreck tells his viewers that gambling will show more “losses” than anything, he still makes massive wagers himself, with his eyes set on Qatar’s World Cup field.

Taking to Twitter, the content creator shared a screenshot of his bets on the four matches that occurred on Tuesday (22 November).

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And to prevent himself from losing the $25,000 in bitcoin (BTC) that he gambled, he had to get four outcomes in a row correct accurately.

Based on the screenshot, he chose a draw between Mexico and Poland, and a tie between Denmark and Tunisia. Both of which happened.

He picked France against Australia, with the latter prevailing with a score of 4-1. The long-shot of Saudi Arabia beating Argentina also came to pass with a 2-1 scoreline, so Trainwreck made a cool $1.5m.

As all the matches were going on, Trainwreck resisted the urge to cash out early for less cash.

Despite reiterating to his fans that mainly all gambling, “especially sports betting,” causes losses, he has still experienced criticism from fellow streamers and commentators as well as Twitch and the platform’s allowance of streamed gambling.

In September 2022, Twitch banned non-US gambling sites such as the Curaçao-incorporated casino Stake.

The casino reportedly paid Trainwreck him a hefty $360m over 16 months to film himself gambling.

After Twitch announced the gambling ban, Trainwreck revealed he was going to create his very own platform that would “revolutionize” all things gambling.

“Current platforms deem you irrelevant, but you are the backbone of the entire industry, & you deserve at least a little security,” he wrote in a 19 October tweet.

Twitch still allows poker and sports betting.

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