The biggest coffee buying mistake that most people are making

The biggest coffee buying mistake that most people are making
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For many across the world and amid the pandemic, coffee, whether brewed in a pot or Keurig, has become a staple to start the day off or gain a little boost throughout the day. From bold, robust, and rich flavors, the endless types of aromatic coffees on the market satisfy the tastebuds.

But did you know that there is a common coffee buying mistake? HuffPost asked coffee roasters and coffee quality experts to unveil the secret to making the perfect brew. All of them have concluded that to get the most flavor, you must do the following:  Buy whole coffee beans instead of ground coffee.

Now for the science bit:

“Freshly grinding whole bean coffee is better than drinking ground because the aromatic molecules will volatilize after grinding, and the exposed surface area of coffee increases significantly, resulting in faster oxidation, said Summer Zhang, a coffee roasting and quality control expert at Onyx Coffee Lab.

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She continued: “The coffee starts to oxidize whenever it comes in contact with air. There is not a certain amount of time when it starts being noticeable ― it’s different depending on the coffee.”

To ensure the best tasting coffee from the comfort of home, it all boils down to buying the whole coffee beans and taking a second to grind the beans each day. As you do that, you will receive a better smell and better flavor than coffee already ground

Sorry Maxwell House and Folgers, it’s all about the whole coffee beans!

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