Everyone on the internet is trying to fix this disaster caused by a fallen umbrella

If you thought getting stuck in the middle of a storm with an umbrella that won't stop doing the flying-inside-out thing was the worst of your rain season-related problems, think again.

One group of colleagues got to work two days ago to find that an umbrella had mysteriously fallen in the exact position so as to block the sliding door which gets them into their office.

It's one of those problems that feels like it should be easy to solve – any many thought they had the answers.

In the there's-always-one category, a particularly humourless commenter relished in the opportunity to air their gripes towards the "incompetent" millennials involved.

As the drama unfolded, suggestions, of course, remained level-headed and perfectly logical.

And because it is America.

For those on tenterhooks, fear not. While the boomers pontificated on the "obvious" solution of smashing through a huge pane of glass in the middle of a busy office, the incompetent millennials realised pretty quickly that the could just... go and work somewhere else.

Anyway, generational divides aside, the story has a happy ending – for those who weren't in the mood to spend the working day languishing in a coffee shop, that is.

Obviously, everyone go and follow Neeraj for further umbrella-related hilarity.

Lesson of the day: if you love a sliding door, maybe invest in an umbrella stand.

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