People are pretending to be delivery drivers 'to get free fast food'

People are pretending to be delivery drivers 'to get free fast food'
McDonald's to offer free Sprite this week

People on social media say they've scammed fast food joints into giving then free food - by pretending to be a food courier.

One wrote: "If you go into McDonald's and say Uber Eats, they give you free food."

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Another wrote: "If you walk into a chipotle, a Panera bread or a moe's burritos, holding and looking at your phone like you work for door dash or Uber Eats or something like that, you can steal any bag on the to-go rack and eat for free. just saying."

But someone called out those claiming to have cashed in with the immoral scam, saying it probably doesn't work: "Rant for the day: someone said; 'if you go into a McDonald's and say Uber Eats you'll get free food.' Ummm, one you have to have the code & 2 if your that damn cheap to steal from a McDonald's then that's pretty sad lol. Try it with [an] expensive food place and see what happens!!"

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In other food delivery app news, Grubhub offered New Yorkers a free lunch in May if they used a promotional code and placed an order between 11 am to 2 pm.

However, it turned into a disaster.

BuzzFeed News noted that an average of 6,000 orders were placed every minute during the three-hour timespan.

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