People are trying to figure out which 21st century snack foods would kill a Victorian child

From fizzy drinks to crisps, social media is collating the food items they think would kill a Victorian child


If people had the ability to time travel, they may think of going back in hopes of righting a past wrong, preventing a catastrophe or reuniting with a loved one. But, social media is instead speculating on what 21st century food items would kill a small, Victorian child.

A viral tweet by user @cal_gif first posed the question in 2020 and suggested a sip of Four Loko – an alcoholic drink formerly made with caffeine - would do it, under the premise that Victorian children would struggle to withstand the exposure to the chemicals and processed nature of modern-day foods.

Since then, the question has taken on a world of its own with users across social media questioning what modern-day food would tip a Victorian child over the edge, so we've collated our favourite Twitter suggestions.

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Some people are branching out of food items and also suggesting what music artists would kill a Victorian child.

However, other users are suggesting that Victorian children were much more resilient than social media is giving them credit for.

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