What are Doubloons? The strange TikTok trend explained

What are Doubloons? The strange TikTok trend explained
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There's a bizarre new trend making the rounds on TikTok, which involves cats and doubloons (dabloons).

First and foremost, doubloons were a form of currency. They were Spanish coins, first used in 1622 and later made famous by the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.

However, confusingly, the new trend is not related to the Spanish currency.

Instead, it's the term given to a new currency online that can "buy" various items. It's since made its way across TikTok and can be stored in a virtual bank.

The term has since taken over Twitter, with many discussing their doubloons, leaving others incredibly confused.

One said: "Doubloon tiktok is WILD. All i did is watch one girl complain anout doubloon inflation and now im involved in a robbery and now own 500 dabloons. I spent some of the doubloons on a small cottage that cost 46 doubloons [sic]"

Meanwhile, another added: "I cant open tiktok becuase its ALL DOUBLOONS. ALL OF IT IS DOUBLOONS. IM LOSING MY MIND. I HAVE EXACTLY 1,000,000,224,9 OF THEM [sic]".

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this is a joke #dabloons #dabloonscat

A cat has since become the face of the digital currency.

It's often see stretching its paws out offering doubloons to the user. TikTokers have to follow the cat's instructions if they want to earn more. The cost of anything you may want to buy with your currency is often dictated by the cats.

However, the TikTok doubloon trend isn't related to the cryptocurrency.

It appears as though users aren't making real money, they're simply participating in this fictional economy for memes and fun.

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