What happens when you eat an egg every day

What happens when you eat an egg every day
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They're high in iron, protein, amino acids and antioxidants and are cheap and quick to cook. There's no yolking about it, eggs are eggs-celent.

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But, what happens if you eat one every day?

Eating too many was once believed to cause high cholesterol, but the exegg-spert Dr Frankie Phillips, a registered dietician from the British Dietetic Association, told indy100:

There is no official limit to the number of eggs you can eat in a day, but a reasonable portion would be two eggsIn just two boiled, poached or scrambled egg you will get 12g protein, as well as useful amounts of Vitamins A D and B, iodine and selenium.

Have eggs with a source of vitamin C , such as pure orange juice to help absorb the iron in eggs.

A daily egg can have many health benefits. According toHealthy Food House, they can help boost your immune system, improve teeth and bone health and skin. The amino acids in eggs are even believed to relieve stress and anxiety. Eggs-traordinary.

However, Phillips said: "Like all foods, eggs provide calories, (130kcal in 2 eggs) so eating too many can lead to excess calories and dietary imbalance."

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The NHS also recommends checking your eggs are in date and properly cooked, as raw or rotten eggs can lead to food poisioning. It also suggests boiling, poaching or scrambling eggs (without butter).as frying can double the amount of fat.

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