White House staffer has best response after trolling Marjorie Taylor Greene

White House staffer has best response after trolling Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene Rails Against Loan Forgiveness (Unless It’s Her Own)

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) slammed the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan as“unfair,” prompting the White House to point out that she received more than $183,000 in federal forgiveness herself.

The White House then went after more politicians, pointing out five others who'd received loan forgiveness while railing against the cancelation of $10,000-worth of student loans.

And it seems staffers are pretty proud of their work, with one quote-tweeting the Twitter trend surrounding it with a simple smiley face.

Greene has been a staunch critic of the president’s plan to forgive up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt, labelling it as an unfair policy and partisan ploy because Democrats “need votes in November.”

“Taxpayers all over the country, taxpayers that never took out a student loan, taxpayers that pay their bills and maybe even never went to college, just hard-working people, they shouldn’t have to pay off the great big student loan debt for some college student that piled up massive debt going to some Ivy League school,” she said in a recent interview on Newsmax.

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On Thursday (25 August), the White House quote-tweeted that Greene received $183,504 in federal loan forgiveness, which was part of the Paycheck Protection Program. According to public records, she used the money to fund her construction company.

Kate Bedingfield, the White House communications, took to Twitter that evening to post a funny GIF of Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams) in the film Mean Girls walking down a hallway and throwing papers into the air.

Later on that night, Megan Coyne, the White House’s deputy director of platforms shared a screenshot image in response.

It showed the White House as the top trending topic because the official account “Quote Tweeted politicians who are critical of the student loan forgiveness plan” followed by how much money in PPP loans they had forgiven.

Coyne captioned the post with a smiley face comprised of a colon and a parenthesis.

The Independent contacted the GOP representative for further comment.

Greene wasn’t the only politician that the White House called out for seemingly clashing views on the federal loan program.

Fellow Republican critics of the student loan plan, like representatives Vern Buchanan, Markwayne Mullin, and Kevin Hern, all had well over $1m in PPP loans forgiven.

The PPP loan program was within the Trump administration’s 2020 package of Covid stimulus bills.

Some studies even suggested that a majority of the funds from the programme went to business owners who already had high-income households and were Republican-leaning.

Still, the GOP has come out against Biden’s comparatively modest program, lamenting it as a pass for Ivy League graduates with high debt.

In actuality, Biden’s loan initiative is targeted at those with lower incomes who make below $125,000 a year. However, some reports explain that high-earning Americans who have more student loan debt will still be the primary beneficiaries.

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