The internet is in love with a Twitter story about sex, drugs and strippers

The internet is in love with a Twitter story about sex, drugs and strippers

This post contains content that could be considered NSFW as well as spoilers

Earlier this week Aziah King, tweeting under the handle @_zolarmoon, posted an epic story told over 150 tweets about her 'Wild Weekend In Florida', and it reads like a Quentin Tarantino movie.

The trip involves prostitution, murder, kidnapping, attempted suicide, trafficking, you name it. No one's really sure if it's real. If it is real, it's going to end up being told to a jury.

Calling herself Zola, the woman has since deleted the tweets, but you can read the Storify version here.

In a nutshell, Zola is working at Hooters in Detroit when she meets a woman called Jess, who invites her to Florida for the weekend with her boyfriend Jarrett and friend Z.

So we vibing over our hoeism or whatever. & we exchange numbers!!

Zola's plan is to do some dancing in the hopes of making a quick buck. She ends up pimping Jess for the night, and the tale gets darker and messier from there.

Zola has come closer to breaking the internet than any other candidate so far.

Most people seemed to have assumed that the story is too outlandish to be true.

Although a few amateur sleuths have pointed out that recent real news reports from the Tampa area corroborate parts of the story.

Regardless, Twitter has already started casting the movie version:

And is begging Zola for more.

Ava DuVernay, the Oscar-nominated director behind the film Selma, reckons that Zola's got a knack for screenplay writing.

So did Jess really end up in prison? Did Jarrett ever pick up that collect call? Did Z actually commit all those crimes? Zola is keeping us on our toes. has reached out to Zola for comment.

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