'Woke Charlotte' is the socially conscious Sex and the City meme we all need right now
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Sex and the City is problematic. If you re-watch the show now it's clear that it hasn't aged well.

There's the way Carrie claims that bisexuality is just a "layover on the way to Gay Town" in season three.

Then there's the way Samantha used a transphobic slur, also in season three.

And the less said about their ill-advised trip to Abu Dhabi - a city where the majority of the show's fanbase, women and gay men, don't have equal rights - in 2010's Sex and the City 2, the better.

But thankfully, there's a new meme doing the rounds, strapping on her Manolo Blahniks and helping to absolve us all from the troubles of Sex and the City.

Introducing Woke Charlotte, who's here to tell Carrie, Samantha and the rest of the cast why their views on race, sexuality, gender and privilege are abhorrently outdated, and that they really should be trying harder to be better people.

(Note: according to Urban Dictionary, "woke" is defined as "a state perceived intellectual superiority one gains by reading".)

Like the time when Carrie - who literally works as a sex columnist, let's remember - had trouble recognising more than two sexual identities.

Or when one of Charlotte's suitors made his misogyny quite clear and raised some very important questions about boundaries and consent in the bedroom.

And then there was that time when Charlotte showed what it means to be a trans ally by calling out one of her closest friends on her transphobia.

Continuing on the theme of allyship, there was the time Charlotte stood up against institutionalised racism and taught us the valuable lesson that if you're silent, you're complicit.

And the time Charlotte reminded Carrie that she can afford an expensive shoe habit and a rent-controlled one-bedroom apartment in an upmarket part of New York City just for writing a column about sex, so she really should be aware of the privilege she has and pay better attention to the offensive terminology she uses.

You can find Woke Charlotte over at the everyoutfitonsatc Instagram page.

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