Woman body shamed after asking for seat belt extender on flight

Woman body shamed after asking for seat belt extender on flight
Woman body shamed at the gym for displaying her cleavage

A TikToker has been forced to hit back at cruel trolls after innocently asking for a belt extender on board a Delta flight.

In a viral clip that's racked up over 3.2 million views, Samyra (@samyra) politely asked flight attendants for the extender. The staff seemingly started looking for them, as the TikToker wrote her thoughts out loud: "Delta, where are the extenders?"

A few moments passed, and the staff were still seemingly unable to locate where they were.

"Oh it鈥檚 giving I鈥檓 just not buckling today," she wrote, as she stood waiting.

They then informed her they'd bring it to her seat. When seated, Samyra showed viewers how short the buckle was.

鈥淧lease, I ain鈥檛 neva seen a buckle this short," she wrote.


Cuz i was for sure goin go unbuckled @delta do yall see how short that belt was 馃ゴ馃ゴ

It was then trolls took to the video with horrible, body-shaming comments.

Many more jumped to the TikTokers defence, with one writing: "Literally why is everyone being mean?"

Another said: "You seem SO sweet. your energy shows!! I don鈥檛 know why these comments are so negative. I鈥檓 sorry!!"

Meanwhile, a third reiterated: "These comments are not it girl, you should be accommodated no matter your size."

Samyra later followed up with a clip to address those who were criticising her approach.

She said that more people were concerned about "the delivery of my request rather than the delivery of my belt extender".

"To all of you who are so concerned about my health in the comments. You should also be concerned about my health and safety on an aircraft with a belt extender," she continued.


Replying to @senorita awesome馃槤馃槑馃挅 i hope this is clear enough for y鈥檃ll to understand.

Samyra went on to highlight that whenever she posts anything associated with her size, they call her "angry", "loud", and/or "entitled".

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