A woman has questioned if her tattoo of a dog looks more like a penis and people are divided.

Posting on Reddit, the woman said people in the bar she works in had been “mean and disgusting” about it and even her boyfriend had made the comparison so she was seeking an “honest opinion” about the ink.

She said, simply: “does my tattoo look like a d*ck?”

Responding to her question, the people of Reddit were divided. Some people thought it was definitely a dog and that people saying otherwise were just winding her up.

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“That’s clearly a dog,” one said.

Another commented: “I saw a dog right away! It’s very cute! I guess if I stare real hard, ignore the dog’s head, I can kind of see what you mean but that takes a lot of effort honestly.”

But others thought the tattoo was vaguely phallic. One commented:

“Sorry to break it to you, man, but that’s the first thing I saw - I think it might be the redness and lack of shading that’s making me think that.”

Another said: “It’s definitely in the realm of dick shapes.”

Having conducted her research, the woman then said she had decided to get it “fixed” to make it completely clear it is of a dog not a penis.

“I’d like to thank you all for your unbiased opinions,” she wrote. “I hope it gave you a chuckle and thank you all again for commenting.”

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