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A woman has quit her job in the most epic way and people think it’s brilliant.

Posting on Reddit, the employee posted a picture of a ‘sorry for your loss’ card which she said she handed to her boss to quit and asked:

“You ever worked for a company that just treated you like s**?

“I received a job offer today for a dollar more than I asked for, my own van, and they’ll sponsor me for school. I can’t wait to give this to my boss tomorrow.

“I’d rather scrub toilets than to ever work for this company again so I’m perfectly fine with burning this bridge,” she added.

The card shows a few golden flowers and leaves on a white background and says “I’m so sorry for your loss” on the front.

Inside, it reads: “It’s me. I leave in two weeks.”

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Reacting to the post, people thought her way of quitting was pretty funny.

“Congratulations on your new job! And this is the best resignation letter I’ve ever seen!” one wrote.

“So clever I like it,” another said.

And a third liked it for a different reason and commented: “I love your handwriting.”

Later in the comments, the woman explained what happened when she handed her boss the card.

She wrote:

“I went to the shop and gave him the card this morning. He read it aloud, gave a stank face, and just said ‘ok’. He didn’t tell me to leave so that means he wants me to work out my two weeks. He also didn’t ask why I’m leaving.”

We guess he could have had a worse reaction.

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