Woman complains to her family about her parents ‘favouritism’ of her sister and they agreed

Woman complains to her family about her parents ‘favouritism’ of her sister and they agreed
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A woman told her family members about her parents "favouritism" of her sister - and they agreed with her.

Taking to the sub-Reddit Am I The A** Hole, the woman, 22, anonymously explained the situation.

She has two younger sisters, one of them being her 18-year-old sister (who she refers to as "Amy"), whom her parents seem to adore the most because she shares their common interest: volleyball.

"My parents are OBSESSED with volleyball. Both played in college, and that's how they met, played at the same school. When I was young, they did everything in their power to get me interested in playing. I wasn't. I'm a theatre gal." the woman wrote.

She said that her sister was interested in the sport from a young age and their parents knew "she had a lot of talent."

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"Amy has played on her school and club teams basically since she was in 5th grade and was the best player. She's now going to a division 1 school on a full-ride volleyball scholarship. My parents' lives are all about Amy," the woman said before citing some examples.

She said that "20 different magnets" of her sister's volleyball pictures are on their main fridge. Only one photo of her is on their refrigerator when she played "the cat in the hat in 8th grade". There is no picture of the youngest sister.

"Parents ordered custom replica jerseys for Amy's club team so we all can wear them. Has our last name and Amy's number. Parents force us to wear them. (We've done it in a Christmas card) They also force us to go to all of Amy's games."

The woman also said that whenever they host family holiday events, the mom always plays her sister's volleyball game film for the family to see.

"...You can see my mom hooking up her laptop to the TV. She's putting on Amy's game film for everyone. Every holiday."

The woman said that the youngest sister, 15, tries to be like the favourite sister and play volleyball. She's not on the sister's level, so the parents didn't seem to care.

"Amy also has some serious character issues I'd love to rant about but won't do it here. If you want that, I'll do it in the comments."

The woman said that her sister had her high school graduation party, it was bigger than hers. She also spoke about when she chatted with family members who asked her about the favourite sister.

"I just said I wish my parents took an interest in my hobbies or me in general like they do with Amy. And it hurts to see the obvious favoritism. "

And the family members agreed.

Once the party was over, the woman said her parents confronted her because the family members shared her sentiments "and said it wasn't fair."

The parents, she said, claimed that they didn't know what she meant and that she embarassed them by talking "smack" about her sister.

Elsewhere, the woman said she "couldn't deal with another Amy show" while her parents behave like they only have one child.

People took to the post's comments to share their thoughts on the matter.

One wrote: "You just chatted with the guests about the elephant in the room, the one your parents created. It must have been gratifying to know your extended family understands.

"Even though Amy seems favored, in reality, all your parents see is their own reflection in her. She herself isn't that important, which is why those unspoken character issues never got addressed."

"I don't understand how parents can do this. My kids love shit I hate, and I come around to it because it makes them happy. Like for me, their joy becomes my joy. So how your parents think this is okay is beyond me.

"Not the a**hole, and I hope your theatre career brings you joy!" another added.

A third wrote: "Not the a**hole, but it sucks that your whole family saw this happening, and nobody stepped in to say something to your parents. It's probably best if you went NC with them and started focusing on yourself instead. Therapy might help you."

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