Still need inspiration for a New Year's resolution?

Well, you could do worse than following in the footsteps of this woman who dedicated a year to having sex every day.

US author Brittany Gibbons, who wrote Fat Girl Walking, has struggled with loving her body since having her third child.

She explained her insecurities in a piece for Good Housekeeping:

I kept the lights off during sex, hid my stomach and boobs inside a camisole, and I waited for my husband to leave the bedroom before barrelling from the shower to my closet to get dressed.

So, Gibbons took on the challenge of having sex for 365 days in a row to "force myself into facing my body each day".

Though it was tough at first, she slowly warmed to it.

In an article for Huffington Post, she explains:

But then it stopped being a chore, and became the moment of the day where I was most at peace.

Where I could have an actual conversation with my husband and know he was listening to me and not secretly watching television or elbow deep in Lego assembly.

Gibbons learned that communication is key to loving both your body and sex.

Before her experiment, telling her husband about her insecurities had only resulted in him complimenting her but ultimately failing to change her mind.

Having sex every day revealed to Gibbons how to get around this, as she explains in her Huffington Post article.

I needed to explain to him that him seeing me that way is great, but unless I saw it too, it didn’t count.

She continued:

It took a lot of talking to make him realise that me not feeling sexy was not an attack on him, and him being hurt about it only made me feel worse.

I wanted to enjoy sex, too.

And the key for me being able to enjoy it is feeling confident and gorgeous, and that was a me journey, not a him journey, though having a cheerleader on the sidelines was a plus.

With that confidence came the realisation that telling your partner what you want is incredibly important.

I deserve good sex as much as he does, and instead of waiting around for him to figure it out, which is totally unfair to guys by the way, I had to find my voice and use it.

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