Woman discovers hundreds of heartbreaking voicemails from stranger on her phone

Woman discovers hundreds of heartbreaking voicemails from stranger on her phone

Imagine finding hundreds of voicemails on your phone from a blocked number you don’t recognise...

That’s exactly what happened to TikToker @waifoodd.png when she was having a spring clean of her inbox and stumbled upon hundreds of answer messages from over a year ago - all from one woman.

In her video, the 28-year-old TikToker explained with the on-screen caption that same woman had been leaving voicemails “since July 8, 2020.”

She also describes some of the content of these messages, with the woman calling leaving mesages saying she misses whoever she’s calling as well as saying she hopes they are OK, along with tearful cries down the phone.


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“All the voicemails consist of ‘I miss you’ and and ‘I hope you’re okay’ and long pauses and what sounds to be soft crying?” The TikToker detailed.

The clip then shows a screenshot of the TikToker’s phone which displays all of the voice mail messages she is referring to, and they appear to be pretty regular with the one calls four times within the space of a day.

Then she plays one of the voicemail clips, and the woman can be heard saying: “It’s just me, you’ve been on my mind. I’ll catch you later, bye.”

Fortunately, the TikToker was able to pin down who exactly has been sending her these messages, and it turns out an old woman has been leaving the voicemails for her late husband, whose number it used to be - but now belongs to the 28-year-old.

She detailed in the comments section that she’s from Minnesota while the number was from North Dakota, and also asked for advice from viewers, she wrote: “Should I answer her call or maybe just let her keep leaving voicemails - this might be her way of coping.”

Since sharing the heartbreaking story, the TikToker has received 3.7m views and nearly 550,000 likes, as well as thousands of comments from people giving her guidance on what to to with the messages, and the response was pretty unanimous.

One person wrote: “Please don’t call her back, just let her have this.”

“Do NOT unblock her. She will legit die if the phone rings instead of going direct to voicemail,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Just let her keep leaving voicemails if you answer it she will think she is bothering you and won’t leave voicemails anymore and it’ll be gone for her.”

“Let her call, she is still hoping. To answer would devastate her soul,” a fourth person replied. “This brings her peace and comfort.”

Meanwhile many also revealed that they too cope with the loss of a loved one by calling their phone and listening to their voicemail, or texting them.

It’s reassuring to know that all of us use similar coping mechanisms when grieving, hopefully the woman remains comforted with the number as she goes through the grieving process.

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