This is what happened when a woman tried to give her Pomeranian a haircut at home

Being a dog groomer takes a lot of skill and training to ensure the fur is even all over – otherwise it can end up looking disastrous.

Well, one pet owner found out this out the hard way when his wife decided to save money and give their Pomeranian a DIY hair cut at home.

TikToker @kcuse shared a video to document his wife’s failed efforts on their pet pooch.

He begins by adding text on the video that reads: “Ever wonder what a Pomeranian looks like when your wife tries to save a few $$ and grooms him herself?”

The camera then pans around the house, the hallway and the living room before the big haircut reveal.

It’s fair to say the Pomeranian looks unrecognisable from other dogs of its breed, with its usually flurry double coat unevenly sheared to a rather short crop. And the pup doesn’t look impressed the new look either...

Since posting the video of the botched job, it has gone viral with 2.3m views, and nearly 120,000 likes.

More than 1,000 people also commented to share their thoughts and most were unimpressed with the wife’s grooming skills.

One person wrote: “Sorry to break it to you bestie but I have heard that pom hair doesn’t grow back the same.”

“Aww poor thing! You should never shave a pomeranian! Their undercoat is what keeps them regulated, hope that hair grows back,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Ughhhh why????? They have a double coat for a reason. Please don’t do this to your Poms.”

“Why would you EVER do that? Stop shaving double coated breeds people!!!” A fourth person commented.

In an update, the TikToker addressed concerns from people in the comments, and wrote: “For all those wondering, he has been shaved this short since he was a pup and his fur has always grown back with no problems.”

You can watch the full video here.

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