Woman shares ‘scary experience’ with taxi driver in hope that others can stay safe

Woman shares ‘scary experience’ with taxi driver in hope that others can stay safe

A woman has sent out an emotional warning urging people to stay safe and be careful after her “scary experience” with a taxi driver.

TikToker Daisy (@babyblossomxox) appeared tearful and emotional as she shared the traumatic event that had just happened to her.

“I just had a scary experience with a taxi driver and it’s not the first time,” said Daisy. “We have to be careful with everyone now.”

As she continued to cry, the UK-based makeup artist explained: “I just wanted to share my experience.”

Daisy recalled coming home in a taxi and the taxi driver spoke to her, and asked her where she was from. “That’s quite common anyway and thought it was normal,” she said, so told the driver.

In response, the driver then asked whether Daisy lived where she was just picked up from, or if he was dropping her home.


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She then described how she started to “panic” because he told her he had a house nearby that she could rent out. He even offered to take Daisy over there in that moment - but Daisy declined the offer and told him that her friend was waiting for her so needed to go home.

The taxi driver then asked for Daisy’s number, and in her panic she gave it to him.

After a few moments of silence, the taxi driver said he was waiting for Daisy to ring him so that he could have her number and the TikTok said that she would call him later.

When she arrived at her destination, in a state of fear Daisy went up to a random woman and ask to pretend to talk to her until the taxi driver left.

“He didn’t go away for a while, I think he was staring at us but I just didn’t want to look and eventually he left.”

Daisy ended the video by saying “please be careful out there everyone.”

Since sharing her scary experience, Daisy’s emotional video has received nearly 570,000 views, with over 75,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people.

One of those comments was from Bolt, the ridesharing app that Daisy used when she had the uncomfortable interaction, they wrote “We are very sorry to hear about your experience. Our team investigated the case and took appropriate action.”

Others shared their support and well-wishes for the TikToker.

One person wrote: “Do not apologise. This is a scary experience and you have every right to feel this way. I’m so sorry this happened to you.”

“Women get told their overreacting when this happens but this is literally how people get killed. SHE WAS NOT OVERREACTING,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “Well done for thinking fast. Different road and find a woman. You did well but shouldn’t have happened to you x.”

After her viral video, Daisy then responded to comments in the a follow-up video where she revealed she talked on the phone with Bolt about the incident.


Reply to @sarahmabbs Here’s an update on the Bolt situation as they’ve now gotten back to me. Thankyou to everyone who’s been so kind, it’s really helped me. ❤️#protectwomen #feministtiktok #misogyny #patriarchy #BeBold #womensrights

The company described their driver’s behaviour as “totally unacceptable.” They added that “an investigation has been started based on your statement,” and she also claims they encouraged her to report the man in question to the police.

“One of the first things I wanted to do after that experience happened to me was to come on here and share it to stop this from happening to any other person,” she said. “All I could think in my head was ‘this guy is gonna go do that to someone else.’”

Women in the comments section praised Daisy for “spreading awareness” and shared how they were “grateful” for the TikToker sharing her story to help others.

Bolt’s UK General Manager, Sam Raciti told Indy100: “Bolt takes the safety of its passengers and drivers extremely seriously. This case is currently under investigation so we cannot comment on specifics.

“All drivers registered on Bolt hold a valid private hire drivers licence (PHDL). In order to obtain this licence, drivers are required to pass an enhanced DBS check. Any driver who receives a serious safety related complaint is suspended from Bolt’s platform and notified that they are being investigated by our safety team.

“Regulators and the police are then informed and the driver remains suspended until the investigation is complete. Bolt reserves the right to suspend any driver from its platform immediately if it suspects concerning behaviour or believes the driver has violated its driver T&Cs.

“Bolt has several features in-app to keep everyone safe, such as the inclusion of driver and passenger details, automatic safety alerts followed up by our 24/7 safety team, an option to share your location with friends or family, and an SOS button for emergencies.

“Positive and negative feedback from drivers and passengers makes the Bolt platform safer so we encourage everyone to continue to contact us via our channels.”

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